Saint-Hilaire Chardonnay

Saint Hilaire Merlot

Easy drinking soft Merlot

Saint-Hilaire is a historic name long-associated with the Hérault region of Languedoc and especially around Mèze, Montagnac and Pinet.  Saint-Hilaire wines are meticulously selected and blended exclusively from top vineyards in this region that reflect the local terroir and are generally unknown internationally or even outside of our local area.  

Tasting Notes

This Merlot from the village of Caux is a perfect example of how the warm and sunny Languedoc climate can bring out strong aromas and flavours of luscious dark berries.  This wine is perfect on its own or with grilled meats or hard cheese.

Varieties :  100 % Merlot

Traditional vinification under control of temperature (24 – 27°C). Racking and pumping over with micro-oxygenation and 18-20 day of vatting period. Malolactic fermentation in tank.

Ageing:   Remains in tank for 4 to 6 months.

Classification:  IGP Pays d’Oc

Terroir:  Light clay-limestone

Varieties :  100 % Merlot

Alcohol:   14,5 %

Acidity:   3,44 g

Closure:   Diam I or equivalent

Bottle:   Traditional Bordeaux style bottle, with rear label description in French and English